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- Premium Vehicles

Les Premium vehicles are identified thanks to a red strip. 

THEAULT servicing for PREMIUM VEHICLES is the guarantee of a vehicle checked by experienced professionals and a detailed check-up of allessential mechanical and body parts of the horsebox. Among the services offered by THEAULT, you may also add complemantary options such as a tie bar, sulkys racks, tow bar or even a round table with pivoting seats for 5-passenger cabin. It's even possible to arrange the tack-room at your convenience ; or to personalise your vehicle with added decorative stips or alloy wheels.


- Demonstration Vehicles

The demonstration vehicles are the one we use on exhibitions and faire. They are new but haven't transported any horses, even though they may have recorder some kilometers already. Thus they are offered at interesting conditions.  

- Destocking offers

These vehicles are offered at attractive conditions during punctual destocking operations.